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Symbolic concessions can also help smooth a path toward more cooperative dynamics in the present day.
President Donald Trump on Friday offered to help ease tensions in the political and economic dispute between Japan and South Korea, which threatens global supplies of memory chips and smartphones. Corel will use Bibble technology in its new software, and Bibble will get help from Corel user interface programmers, testers, customer support staff, and employees who can translate the software into new languages.
Bibble staff will remain in Austin, Texas, and will continue to support not just Windows, where Corel is strongest, but also Mac OS X and Linux, he added. Corel, a longtime maker of image-editing software, has acquired Bibble Labs and will introduce new software at CES based on Bibble's technology for processing raw photos from higher-end cameras.
And they're particularly designed for handling raw photos. For Uyttendaele, the most exciting frontier of computational photography is the smartphone -- especially with camera makers opening up access to the raw image sensor data before it's been processed into a JPEG.
After all, it's hard to make up image data that isn't there in the first place. ICE's technology, for example, is used in its photo-stitching Photosynth software and its Bing Maps service, where countless individual image tiles must be joined into a seamless whole.
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